Young Director Awards – 1-2-1 With...Karim Bartoletti & Francois Chilot

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The Young Director Award president, Francois Chilot, has been the driving force behind the YDA since its inception 23 years ago.

Chilot has worked in the advertising industry, initially agency side before moving into production, for many years and has always been a champion of new talent. Here, he talks to this year's YDA Jury Chairman, the Partner, Executive Producer and MD of Advertising at Indiana ProductionKarim Bartoletti

During the discussion Chilot and Bartoletti talk about the power and importance of the YDA, but also its fragility as a small, not for profit event. They also examine the evolution of the industry and its move towards long form and entertainment and how that evolution has been embraced by the YDA; "Commercials and advertising is just the first step in the ladder [for directors] to move upwards," says Chilot, in this fascinating and insightful chat between two industry heavyweights.

Below are the interview and talks which have already taken place this week and links to view them, plus information about what's to come.

Monday July 27

12pm CEST: Creative-turned-director Justin Reardon chats about his work on Budweiser's Whassup, the use of humour in dark times, moving from commercials to features and the best way for aspiring young directors to get noticed. [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]

5pm CEST: Pamela B Green, director of commercials, music videos, countless film and TV titles and, more recently, the fascinating documentary about the world's first female director, Be Natural; The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache, discusses the tenacity needed to succeed, the trials still faced by women in the industry, and how someone so important to the history of film could be so readily forgotten. [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]

Tuesday July 28

12pm CEST: Brand and Innovation Director and Partner at &us (and regular shots columnist) Amy Kean, tackles humour in the age of social media in her talk, Karen; meme or mean? [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]

5pm CEST: Equinox Films director, Ram Madhvani, highlights the importance of encouraging new talent, the rise of branded entertainment, and why the commercials industry is a great place for new directors to thrive. [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]

Wednesday July 29

5pm CEST: Last, but by no means least, we finish our 1-2-1s with a 1-2-2, as Danny Edwards chats to Lisa Mehling, former YDA Jury Chairwoman and MD of Chelsea Pictures, and Nisha Ganatra, director of innumerable TV shows, including Transparent, Brooklyn 99, Mr Robot and Girls; features including Late Night, starring Emma Thompson, and the recent, amazing Libresse campaign, #wombstories.

Thursday July 30

6pm CEST: The YDA Ceremony 2020.