Three New Films From the Award-Winning MUTE Series Released

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In 2016 spoke to 76Ltd director Andy Lambert about his short film collection, The MUTE Series. Now, three new micro-films, the first new additions for 18 months, have been released.

Winner of the Best International Series Award at the Buenos Aires WebFest 2016, selected as a Top Five Indie Series of 2016 by and recipient of a coveted Vimeo Staff Pick in 2017, The MUTE Series is unlike most web series in that it is not unified by a continuous storyline or by recurring characters, but rather by an idiosyncratic sensibility.

The series is a collection of single-take miniatures, casting a deadpan, mordant eye over mini-scenes of absurdity, seeing the funny side of greed, conformity, desire and various other traits of human behaviour.

Each film is between 90-seconds and two-and-a-half minutes and each is made with a distinctive and striking style. Lambert, fed up with unnecessary dialogue, excessive camera moves and cuts every few seconds, opted to do away with all these things, stripping filmmaking down to its most basic elements. The MUTE Series pledges allegiance to three strict rules:

RULE 1: no dialogue
RULE 2: no camera moves
RULE 3: only one shot

Released today is Turn On [top], The Gents [above] and Rule of Thumb [below]. 



If you would like to view the first 12 films of The MUTE Series, you can visit the website by clicking here

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