There are few medical procedures likely to strike terror into the heart - and bring on a severe case of sphincter clenching - than a prostate examination. No man likes the idea of their doctor, however professional, poking a finger up where the sun don't shine.

And though more and more methods to detect prostate cancer are being explored, the tried and true methods of a digital rectal examination - where a healthcare professional inserts a gloved finger into the rectum to check for abnormalities, paired with a blood test is still the long-standing proven way to save a life. 

But what if that finger belonged to someone famous? Someone whose digit had done deeds of great historical significance? Might it be a more appealing prospect? 



Well, that's the thinking behind an absurd new campaign from Prostate Cancer Canada and McCann Canada, who have created a line of latex gloves modelled on conquerors, superheroes and hall-of-famers, with the aim of triggering a broader discussion around a serious topic that men traditionally prefer to avoid. 

Currently at the research stage, The Famous Fingers Collection includes such luminaries as baseball player Babe Ruth, who called the legendary shot in the 1932 World Series, Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon - with some rather more left-field options like Frankenstein's monster and Big Foot.

As well as a series of humorous print ads, the campaign includes this tongue-in-cheek focus group video, below:



”It’s about normalizing the conversation around prostate exams and stressing the importance of detecting prostate cancer early,” said Peter Coleridge, president and CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada. “We know that men are uncomfortable with the idea of getting their prostates checked, but early detection can save lives. Any alternative to being examined by your doctor is quite absurd, which the campaign captures perfectly. Would you prefer to have your prostate checked by your doctor, or by Big Foot? We’ll let you decide.”


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