N/A – Heaven Is On My Side

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“I got a call from Heaven but I didn’t know anybody in Heaven… for somebody in Heaven to call you, they’ve got to know you and they’ve got to have your number.”

Thus are the basic laws of Godly telecommunications explained in a sermon by the Reverend Lavon Boatner, who goes on to reveal how this calling let him know that Heaven was on his side

His compelling old timey commentary, the choice of Super 8 footage of the charismatic surfer and a mysterious soundtrack (Fool, by Ryan Tarbert) all contribute to a richly atmospheric film with a timeless feel to it.

Produced and edited by the director, with cinematography from Bruno Mangas and Rodrigo Caetano, it is simultaneously a documentary and a meditation on Macedo's relationship with the environment as he rides the world’s biggest wave in Nazaré, Portugal.

Rev. Boatner is an evangelical preacher from the Old Pathway Baptist Church, near Atlanta, Georgia.