OFFF Barcelona – Synthetic Pleasures

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Touching on the ever-present topic of AI with a human and fantastical twist, director Stuart Langfield helmed this cinematic title sequence for creativity, art and digital design festival OFFF Barcelona’s 2024 proceedings. 

Titled Synthetic Pleasures, the creative imagines a world in which digital assistants like Siri and Alexa leave the confines of their devices and take some human bodies for a joyride, just to feel something…just to be human, for a minute. 

Langfield intentionally steers away from the dark, sci-fi-esque themes associated with AI today, instead leaning into a more historical, tangible narrative, with an 80s cult aesthetic. Alongside atmospheric, beautifully colour-graded visuals, compelling choreography and a diverse cast, the film introduces the wide array of creative acts and speakers who featured at this year’s event.