Founder of six-year-old production company Birth, based in Paris, London and Algiers, Hugo Legrand Nathan is clearly a man who is led by his senses.

Talking to us for A Few Of My Favourite Things, the EP's choices tickle the eyes, ears and tastebuds and show a man who recognises the importance of family, be it actual or workplace.

The Roots

I love to have this photo by my side, of my grandfather and grandmother. 

I feel protected and close to my roots, so my instincts stay active. 

The Cuban Artwork And Advertising Awards

These are the two first major Awards we won at Cannes and Club des Da for our Hugues De La Brosse work. 

We are very proud of them.

The poster behind is from Cuba where there was a strong cultural of graphic-design after the Revolution. 

I have several of them in the office. 

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The Record Player

We always begin the day with music. 

When I arrive in the morning, I like to spread music in the office before anyone has arrived. 

Most of my albums are soul, rap funk & jazz. 

The Inspiration

I've seen La Haine maybe 30 times. 

This film printed our generation and launch the carrier of amazing talent, such as Kassovitz, Vincent Cassel, Said Tagmoui, and Hubert Koundé. 

It’s film about friendship. It's sad but also has a lot of hope and fun. 

Unfortunately 20 years later, nothing changed around Paris and the problem still maintains (and is even worst).

The Family Fridge

My fridge is very important. 

I love the good food and eat well… but above all it is a good excuse to remind myself with 'souvenirs - this collection of photos of my entourage, my gang, my fam.

That makes me smile. 

Years pass, but real people always stay.

The Photography Books

I am building a photography book collection with my partners. 

Images are at the centre of our jobs so it’s very inspiring to read and watch these genius photographers; the style and perfection of their work. 

What I love in this art is the challenge to build a story with static element. 

Gregory Crewdson, Erwin Olaf and Malick Sidibe are the first three books in the series.