How not to... hate your brain

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Last week our Cultures Editor, Amy Kean, wrote a hard-hitting article about how Imposter Syndrome isn't really a syndrome at all, but a virus which you are given by other people. 

Following that, this month's How not to... video series sees Kean chatting to Amelia-Eve Warden, a mental health champion, LGBTQ+ activist and PR director about the Imposter Virus, toxic hierarchies, the recycling of hate and how articles and advertising that use images of people with their head in their hands do nothing to help with the fight against mental health issues. 

Warden is the founder of her own PR and talent management company, P&C, Head of Media at the London Queer Fashion Show and a freelance blogger who, in her first role after graduation, suffered discrimination while working in a large PR firm. 

Since then she has spoken and written widely about the topic of mental health and its impact, uses her Instagram account and her Mental Health Mondays to help people suffering, and has "designed a career based around [her] emotional and mental needs".