With Get Duked, his recently released, highly successful feature, plus promos for bands including Chemical Bros., Miike Snow and Run the Jewels, as well as high profile commercials, Ninian Doff is a director at the top of his game.

The Pulse Films director here talks about how he made his way into the industry, his approach to a project and how his style transfers across different mediums, and what it was like moving into the world of feature films. 

YDA Week 2021... Ninian Doff

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Continuing YDA Week, later today we have a live presentation from award-winning XR Artist, producer and researcher at York University Toronto, Michaela Pňačeková, who will be talking about artificial intelligence and symbiosis in media

You can see the rest of the line-up, which includes panel talks on deepfake technology and whether it's better to be represented by a production company or make your way as a freelancer, by clicking here.

Below are links to more of Doff's work, some of which are featured as clips within the above interview.

Fulton Heights, Staring Out the Window [2012]

Cool Unicorn Bruv [2013]

Royal Blood Figure It Out [2014]

Peace Lost on Me [2014]

Kasabian Stevie [2014]

Pearl & Dean Back of the Head [2015]

Chemical Brothers Sometimes I Feel So Deserted [2015]

giffgaff House of Horrors [2015]

Miike Snow Genghis Khan [2016]

Run The Jewels ft. Gangsta Boo Love Again [2016]

Miike Snow My Trigger [2016]

Veg Power Eat Them to Defeat Them [2017]

Sainsbury’s Nicolas the Sweep [2019]

Run the Jewels Out of Sight [2020]

IKEA Change a Bit For Good [2021]