Toyota – The Challenge

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In this series of short films, The&Partnership Nordics crafted a narrative of strength and resilience showcasing Rebecka Bellander, a young tennis player. 

Without adding any qualifications at all, The Swedish Paralympic Committee highlights Rebecka's story, a five-time tennis champion. We follow her as she explains her disability, then as she practices and trains, and finally, as she matches up against Swedish tennis legend, Jonas Björkman, both of them competing in wheelchairs. At the final game, Rebecka dominates in a 3-0 matchup, showing off her skills and intensity.

Meant to raise awareness of the kind of talent it takes to be an Olympian of any ability, the film allows Rebecka the time to craft her own narrative, speaking about her abilities and how tennis saved her life. She also beats Jonas handily, even after schooling the champion on how to maneuver in the chair.  

Deftly edited and emotional, Rebecka is given the same kind of reverence as any other athlete. With a soft palette and rising sound design, the film is an intimate portrait of an Olympic hopeful.