Known as 'Surfers', but not into surfing, creatives Pedro Mezzini and Augusto Callegari specialise in attempting to make ads that don't seem like ads. 

The Argentine duo, based out of LOLA MullenLowe in Madrid, put aside such contradictions to talk to shots about the items that keep their creativity flowing.

The Mate

First things first; behind every great idea, there's a 'mate.' 

The same goes for the not-so-great ones and the just-okay ones. 

Basically, 'mate' is always around - whether we're at home, in the agency, or on a shoot day. 

But most crucially, it's there when it's time to brainstorm ideas. 

So, what's this 'mate' thing? 

It's a traditional South American infusion made with yerba mate leaves, similar to tea.

But if your first thought is of a companion or a friend, it's that too.

The Thumbs Up

Our philosophy is 50% work, 50% side projects. 

The reality is 100% work, 50% side projects. 

Even when time seems scarce, we make room for fun with non-advertising stuff. 

That means no briefs, no client feedback, and certainly none from the client's partner. 

Here, a thumbs up is all we need to move forward. 

Luckily, we always have one on hand.

The Movies

Movies are a significant part of our lives, so much so that one of us (Pedro) has a movie poster tattooed on his arm. 

If you're a movie buff like us, you've probably guessed which one. 

If not, grab a cheap bag of chips, open your favourite streaming site, and search for Barry Lyndon

Then, if you have a bit more time, you can also check out the film La Flor by Argentine director Mariano Llinás.

It's just an additional 13 hours and 53 minutes...

The Pics

Nowadays, everyone is snapping photos. 

We're no exception, but we do it with analog cameras! 

Well, that's back in vogue too. 

Anyway, here's a curated selection of our photos.

The Paintings

To cleanse the mind, you can spend a fortune on therapy. 

Or you can invest in canvases, paints, thinners, and an array of brushes that pretty much cost the same. 

We went for the latter option. 

And you know what? It works.

The Books

Books are amazing. 

Even more so if you actually read them. 

In these matters, we can recommend some of our favourite authors: Benesdra, Leila Guerriero, Raimondi, Casas, Caparrós, Dolina, Mairal, Saer, Giannuzi, Anníbali, Forn, Mermet, Temperley, Di Benedetto, Peralta Ramos, Buzzati, Hesse, Solnit, among many others, 

But as they say, today no one reads... that's why here's one for image enthusiasts: Classic Art Memes.

The Cat

We all know things can get tricky sometimes. 

When that happens, it's helpful to get a fresh perspective from someone else; a new set of eyes. 

Sure, it means putting your ego aside and sharing your work with someone who doesn't know much about it. 

Be ready for some criticism or different opinions. 

In our case, the cat is always the first option we turn to.