Shiny is known to many for the Shiny Awards (in real life) to connect under-represented and new directors with industry VIPs, and the Shiny New Directors Network (online).

Shiny has just launched a scheme to enable every new industry member to automatically sponsor an under-represented new director, by giving a free membership to the New Directors Network.

Sponsored directors get full access to recorded and upcoming Q&As with advertising agency studio producers, brands, reps, curator and producers. They can also access the network’s many roadmaps and resources, and can connect with peers.

Industry members get to choose the director they want to sponsor from Shiny’s list of under-represented talent.

Says MD, Caroline Bottomley: “Industry members can develop the sponsorship into a mentorship if they want to, and new industry members, who might not have the bandwith to mentor can still gift New Director Network access, and know they’ve given concrete, practical support to a new filmmaker. There are many under-represented directors inside Shiny’s community and we wanted to offer something that makes the most of our amazing networks.”

Sophie Gold, Founder of Eleanor, and recent guest on the Network’s live Q&As: “We’ve connected with some great new directors already through Shiny. Their scheme to connect with under-represented talent at an even earlier career stage is very attractive.”

Charlie Roberson, Head of Talent at Rogue Films, also a Q&A guest, is already a supporter and sponsor: “This is a great scheme for us and for new directors. Shiny’s network offers a lot of connections already, and this is another welcome addition. We’re looking forward to supporting and nurturing more next generation directors.”