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Created by Grey Mexico City and Oriental Films, this harrowing short film, titled Hurricane, from child welfare organisation portrays the devastating reality that more Mexican children will fall victim to sexual abuse than to hurricanes. 

Directed by duo Alex Olten and Iris Valles, aka 'Garra', the emotional and intricately crafted creative tells the story of two sisters who fear the powerful force of a hurricane, which turns out to be a visual metaphor for their abuser. As part of its programs of care and support in the reconstruction of Acapulco after Hurricane Otis, the campaign will help fund the organisation’s efforts to rebuild shelters and continue protecting child victims in the State of Guerrero.  

"To really understand the suffering experienced by victims of childhood sexual violence, we have to put ourselves in their shoes and feel the pain as our own. That's what we want to achieve with Hurrican," says Saskia Niño De Rivera Co-Founder and spokesperson for 

"It is a powerful and simple idea that we wanted to tell as a movie, generate tension and with great cinematography to raise awareness to everyone, not only to Mexicans who lived the impact of Hurricane Otis, but to all those who want to help this beautiful cause and Reinserta's programs" explains Alexis Ospina, Chief Creative Officer of Grey Mexico.