I have a place in Mexico which is my creative den. It’s in a secret location outside of Mexico City.  

Right now, I’m based in NYC for a film I’m working on; however, so here’s a slice of the 'most me' you can get.

In order of importance...

The Yoga Corner

Pictured are a few things I use every day - my meditation cushion (pink), my yoga mat, and my batmitrah.  

I practice vipassana meditation so it’s important for me to meditate at least 20 minutes every day.  

Yoga keeps me flexible and aware of my breath so I can do my best work! 

The Flowers

I look at the flowers in my garden every day.  

Sometimes there’s no need to explain, sometimes it’s about something small yet sublime. 

The Clothes Line

There are not many dryers in my town. 

This is not actually my clothing line, it’s my neighbour's, but you get a sense that it’s something all of us use a lot.  

It’s great for my clothes to be sun-dried here, it feels crisp and ready to wear. 

Also, I weirdly love clothing lines and photograph them A LOT all over the world. 

The Camera

This is my point-and-shoot camera, Amada.

I travel with Amada everywhere.

Here we’re pictured in Oaxaca together during a road trip with friends.

I used her to take a selfie.

She has been with me for years.

Some of the photos I’ve shared here are taken with her.

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The Hikes

Nature and the hikes are a daily essential to me. 

It’s a great way for me to exercise, and stay active, creative, and present. 

The second photo was taken during a hike in my town: wild horses running in my town.

This particular horse gang is one of my favourites because I’ve seen the babies grow up, although they’re scary to be around when the alphas are fighting!!! 

The Bed

The most essential! 

With my mosquito net that I use daily. 

You can see the lamp on my nightstand which I use to read before bed.