United by their love for guitars, obscure bands, and bold typefaces, OgilvyES CDs Ramiro Alda and Jorge Calvo are two sides of the same creative coin.

With Alda's familial background in advertising, finding common ground with Calvo's innate design talent, nurtured by a childhood fascination with computers and experimentation, the pair have cultivated an extensive creative career at the Madrid-based agency.

Here, they share the mirrored items that keep their joint creativity flowing.

Ramiro Alda

The Guitar

Procrastination is the key to success. 

Nah, it is not. I just love to have it around. 

And a few sloppy scales up and down the neck always free my mind a bit when I’m stuck. 

It's a 2006 Baja Telecaster with soft V-shaped maple neck, custom vintage-style Broadcaster bridge pickup and custom Twisted Tele neck pickup, four-way pickup switch and S-1 switch, for those guitar fans out there.

The Records

Songs Ohia (The Magnolia Electric Co.) and Saint Cloud (Waxahatchee). 

records I play the most when I need to unwind. 

It never works, but they’re

The Cash Machine

I used to have cool things in my workplace. 

Now I have this. 

Which is even cooler.

My daughter always overcharges me.

Jorge Calvo

The Guitar

There's only one guitar that allows you to feel like both Thurston Moore and a surf rock guitarist at the same time, and that's the Fender Jaguar. 

I won't say playing relaxes me, but I always find inspiration in music. 

What I enjoy the most is its ability to immerse me; besides, I'm clear that it's one of the most beautiful guitars ever made. 

Just look at the photos I take of it.

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The Records

One of my first tattoos is some handwritten letters on my arm with the words Sensational Fix, an EP from my all-time favourite band, Sonic Youth.

There's also Enrique Morente, one of the most revolutionary artists in Spanish music, with the best album ever made, OMEGA.

If I need focus, I need Moderat.

The Phone

Surely, it may be the least romantic object in all history to talk about in regard to inspiration, but there's nothing more inspiring than seeing references. 

We live in 2024, I'm a millennial.