Pot Noodle – Nothing Fills A Hole

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Whilst no real substitute for a proper dinner, the humble Pot Noodle can always be relied upon to 'fill a hole' and fight your appetite.

Using this truism and running with it is adam&eveDDB's hilariously on-the-nose campaign for Pot Noodle, in which the savoury treat is used to plug up crevices of all shapes and sizes; from pool table pockets to bird houses.

Directed by Honor Northridge, Nothing Fills A Hole exudes charm with its simplicity; the witty montage complimented by an oddball soundtrack, excellent sound design, and considered cinematography.

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Above: A selection of OOH images, shot by Frederick Paxton through Academy Films.

“In today’s purpose-driven advertising, there can be no higher calling than plugging a hole on the B372 with a steaming hot portion of Bombay Bad Boy,” notes Richard McGrann, Creative at adam&eveDDB. 

Andy Clough, Creative at adam&eveDDB adds: “Once you’ve stuffed a postbox with Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle, you begin to see a world full of opportunities.” 

The campaign, spanning digital outdoor ads, print, social media and PR, will also specifically targets sites and media publications in locations notorious for potholes in Surrey, Essex and Northamptonshire. The ads will feature on a digital ad van which will drive down two of the potholiest roads in Surrey. Two of the targeted areas, Harlow in Essex and Brackley in Northamptonshire, are home to singer and pothole campaigner Rod Stewart and Mr Pothole respectively. 

As part of the campaign, social media activity includes a selection of filled-hole images that will appear on Pot Noodle’s Instagram feed. A bespoke GIF sticker pack will also launch on Instagram Stories, enabling fans to add Pot Noodle to their own content and fill a hole, digitally, with the hashtag #NothingFillsAHoleLikePotNoodle.