Levi's – One Influential Island in the Greatest Story Ever Worn - Precious Cargo

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Levi's, and specifically 501s, are about as synonymous with denim trous as you can get, so it's understandable that after 150 years of jeans-wearing the pants have some tales to tell.

Using this insight, Droga5 has embarked on a year-long celebration, titled The Greatest Story Ever Worn, in which stories of the "changemakers, risk takers, experimenters, thinkers, icons and creatives" who don the distinctive slacks are told.

Kicking things off are three cracking films from award-winners Melina Matsoukas [de la revolución] and Martin De Thurah [Epoch] that each weave individual yarns: Matsoukas helming Precious Cargo, a report of how 501 jeans made their way to Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970’s and how Jamaica turned and made them uniquely their own; de Thurah taking on Fair Exchange, the account of a beloved family bellcow and the son who swapped the beast for a pair of 501s; and Legends Never Die, the true story of one devoted Levi’s wearer who requested to be buried in his jeans.

“Early Levi’s® spots were some of the pieces that actually inspired me to pursue commercial filmmaking," comments Melina Matsoukas. "It is an honor to now be part of their cinematic legacy. 

"I always gravitate toward brands and creatives who lean into authentic storytelling and, with this piece, we were able to pay homage to a small but powerful piece of history. Droga5 have been incredible partners who are willing to push the idea of commerciality and I love that courage. We are cut from the same cloth in that way.”

“For 150 years, we’ve bore witness to the greatest story unfolding," explains Tom McQueen, Group Creative Director, Droga5. "The story of the everyday exploits of 501® wearers. Unearthing these more intimate, unexpected and unbelievable stories from the archives, it brings us great joy to be able to bring these true stories to light in celebration of an iconic milestone and iconic product. 

"Rare are those who have made it this far without skipping a beat, but that’s the magic of the 501® jean. And 150 years on, The Greatest Story Ever Worn is still being written.” 

“I have done some of my best work over the years with Droga5," adds Martin de Thurah, "and I was intrigued by the challenge to create little stories in a mini format together. Levi's® is an iconic brand and being able to celebrate the 150th anniversary alongside my favorite people was a wonderful opportunity."