London and Paris-based director Laura Marciano began her career directing fashion videos for Maison Michel and has since directed award-winning videos for YSL Beauty and Maison Kitsune. 

With a career encompassing advertising, fashion, and music videos, it's hardly surprising that a handful of items detailed in her Favourite Things err towards the wearable, but maybe not in the way you'd expect...

The Mini DV

I found this Mini DV Cam in my dad’s office when I was little. 

I love it, mostly because it fits my small hands so well! 

I take it with me everywhere and use it a lot for travelling and on set. 

It is even part of the Jean Paul Gaultier campaign I recently shot, and a new commercial for Starface that I filmed in Los Angeles, so it's become an integral part of my kit!

The Dry Erase Board

Whilst we were editing SCANDAL for Jean Paul Gaultier, I went with my editor to buy snacks (as per usual) and I found this in the supermarket. 

I bought it back every day to the edit, and have done ever since. 

It is just ‘my thing’ now and makes me really happy.

The Name Badge

Last year, I shot three films in Los Angeles for the brand Kitsune. 

One of the characters was this old-fashioned diner waitress named ‘Pam’. 

She was super sexy, magnetic but also quite strange. 

I cast Georgia Ford for this part who was perfect! 

She is Pam without a doubt. 

I kept her name badge from the set.

The Wig

This is a wig we had on a Maison Michel shoot with Quen Blackwell. 

I just had to bring it back home as it reminds me of a great shoot plus it looks nice amongst books and paintings. 

It enlightens my shelves with femininity!

The Picture

This is a picture I bought when I first moved to New York after my studies.

I bought it on Mercer Street, the same street I was doing my internship at V Magazine. 

I had an immediate crush on this picture from the window shop.

I love the faces of those kids, and their actions. 

It was at a gallery called Jacob Elbaz. It is part of my home now and every home I have lived in since. 

As I work from home, I stare at it quite a few times to find inspiration.

The Painting

 My best friend bought me this painting for my birthday. 

It was created by the Spanish artist Pepo Moreno.

I just love it, mostly because it makes me smile a lot.

The Flyer

This is a flyer I kept from a ‘Lucha Libre’ fight when I went to Mexico. 

I still remember the feeling when I got there. 

I had no expectations at all but I absolutely loved it!

The outfits, the screams, the cheesiness, the showman who presents the fighters. 

The flyer program is now on my wall.

I also bought a few books on Mexican Wrestler Icons and the culture around it.

The Stripper Shoes

My final favourite thing, which is a little bit cheeky, are stripper shoes! 

I kept from a shoot with Chloe Cherry. 

Nothing to say except that I love them and I will keep them forever... even if I never wear them.