Brussels based and full-service film production company Latcho, short for the formerly known Latcho Drom, is announcing the arrival of Peter Germis as executive producer.

Germis completes the Latcho team under the wing of Stefaan Gryson and will join forces with Efrosini Spanoudis  to manage pitches, productions and client relations.

Germis' objective is to connect Latcho in a more profound way with advertising agencies active in Flanders and the Netherlands. In his former role Germis was head of production in the video department of Antwerp-based communication and event agency Mediamixer.

He has a background as an independent documentary filmmaker and television director working on formats for the public and commercials channels in Belgium.

Well versed in networking and all aspects of audiovisual video production, Germis has shifted to producing commercial work for a wide range of respected brands including Leo, Hewlett Packard and Port of Antwerp.

Together with Latcho’s crew and long-time collaborator and executive producer Efrosini Spanoudis they form a new team operating in both language regions in Belgium, showcasing a healthy ambition towards more international productions and service production abroad.

With their new strategy of appointing bilingual executive producers Latcho steers into a new future with a reborn passion and enthusiasm, to deliver truly successful film productions.