Creative film-production studio, Armoury, has teamed up with the charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life to support Sierra Leone’s civil war generation. 

Collaborating with world-renowned musicians, street artists and DJs, they will be providing equipment and education to some of Freetown's emerging talent in the creative fields of DJing, music and film production, art and mural-making.

Their goal is to support the demographic most impacted by the country's 11-year civil war and to bridge the gap between the huge potential of Freetown's emerging talent, and opportunities to market and convert these skills both in Sierra Leone and abroad.

LNADJ x Armoury - Sierra Leone 2023

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They will be facilitating donations of funds and equipment (both hardware and software) to an existing programme in Freetown, with LNADJ charity via local organisation WayOutArts. Armoury will also be making a film documenting the engagement with these artists, to raise awareness and maximise the potential for future funding opportunities while boosting the profiles of these amazing organisations.

The film will be a profound, thought-provoking insight into the context of these projects, while highlighting the raw talent and positive potential of this initiative on these young people’s lives with the right creative mentoring and support.

But they need your help!

To make this happen, they are dependent on the generosity of our network to provide funds, equipment and/or any other creative resources. Your donation will directly fund the education and mentoring of young Sierra Leoneans, and the production of a film that will have lasting positive impacts on this community, and other communities in crisis that will benefit from future fundraising.

You can visit the GoFundMe page here.