Creative collective Le Truc, a part of Publicis Groupe, has executed this simple, yet incredibly powerful installation at SXSW festival, in collaboration with the Human Rights Foundation.

The work is the latest extension of HRF’s advocacy in partnership with the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region.

The creative, titled Discounted Lives, features a simple set up: two racks of white t-shirts, priced at either $4.99 or $44.99. The shirts are seemingly identical. So, why the price difference? 

The answer is on a receipt, which is printed with all the “discounts” applied to the cheaper item: facts and statistics about forced labour and its accompanying human rights violations, alongside portraits of real Uyghur workers whose lives were discounted in exchange for cheaply-produced goods. 

The message ‘What you save costs them everything’, featured on the receipt-printing pedestal, underscores the sobering truth of how we arrive at the lower price point.