To coincide with his being shortlisted at the CFP-E/Shots Young Director Awards, the Global Content Company Great Guns proudly announces the signing of director Ricky Staub to their international roster where he will be repped by Great Guns globally excluding the French and Dutch markets, where he will be repped by Insurrection.

Ricky has cultivated a deeply human style of filmmaking with astonishing intimacy and a stunning cinematic aesthetic. He has considerable range, Having directed spots for acclaimed brands Nike, Coca-Cola, Jeep, Cadillac, and Anthropologie that blur the line between documentary and fiction, Ricky has cultivated a deeply human style of filmmaking with astonishing intimacy and stunning cinematic aesthetic.

His breathtaking short film, “The Cage” was what first drew Great Guns to Staub’s talent.

Directed and edited by Ricky, “The Cage” is an intense and ultimately transformative story with exceptional performances and dazzling visuals. More than a tale of redemption, “The Cage” is a story of survival. Philly's streets try to bring down one young man and entangle him in a web of violence, anger, and death, and it's up to him to find a way to break free. His only escape may appear to come from the basketball court, but make no mistake, this is not a game.

More than a skilled young director, Ricky’s an artist with a social conscience. While working with Oscar winner M. Night Shyamalan on several projects in Philadelphia, Ricky felt a need to give something back to the community he’d spent more than two years getting to know. He launched a production company, Neighborhood Film Co in a renovated factory in North Philly with the sole purpose of creating an apprenticeship program to employ the formerly incarcerated.

Great Guns are fully aligned with Ricky, supporting not only his directorial career but committed to aiding his personal projects, including the desire to expand his social outreach. Ricky said "I'm thrilled to sign with Great Guns because I feel they not only understand my creative vision but align with my deeper desire to make the process of my craft meaningful. I'm so excited for the body of work we'll be able to build together!"