Production company Friends Electric is very excited to announce the arrival of Terry Hall, a live action, mixed media and design talent.

Terry Hall is a male human who grew up in Bradford, England. Often solving vfx in camera with a mixed-media approach, Terry always employs an artful hand, quirky playfulness and a fashionable eye. His work has won various awards at the Webbys, the One Show and Cannes Lions among others and he has featured in numerous publications both in print and online, largely because he is very handsome but also because he’s a great Director. 

He has directed spots for Nike, VW, Virgin Media, Sony Playstation, and Ikea to name a few, his live action work is grounded in design.


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EP Barney Richard says:

“I’ve known Terry for a long time now and have worked with him at previous companies. It’s serendipitous that we have the opportunity to re-join forces in what is now a very exciting time for Friends Electric as we diversify our offering of artists. He’s a gem of a person and I’ve always loved his approach to creativity. He’s a perfect fit for us.”

Terry Hall says:

“I’m super excited about joining such a creative and design-led roster at Friends Electric as well as being reunited with Barney who I’ve worked with for years previous. It’s crazy to think that I did ETC’s first ever job with them, along with Barney, and have watched in awe at their meteoric rise over the next ten years. I can’t wait to have such amazing talent as in-house collaborators. I’m looking forward to pushing boundaries.”

Terry Hall is represented by Friends Electric in the UK and Amsterdam.