Spears & Arrows, led by Founder/Managing Director Jason Wolk, has signed Director/DP Matt Uhry.

“I have known Matt for 20-years and, in fact, worked as his line producer on a number of projects before I started Spears & Arrows and he was solely a DP,” says Wolk. “I mentored him and followed his career over the years and now, the stars just seemed to align, and it felt like the perfect time for us to renew or professional relationship.”

“That’s right,” Uhry continued. “It does feel like the right time, that Spears & Arrows is the right place, and that Jason is definitely the right guy. His hands-on career management, partnership, and targeted sales is just what I was looking for.”

Uhry is a Director/DP with an eye for natural performance, an ability to create stunning imagery of people, food, and technology products, and who is so good at working with animals that he is known as the "pet director.” His client list includes Purina, Mars Pet, Sony, Lenovo, and Samsung.

Uhry has worked as a director and a DP on a vast array of projects from the halls of Pixar on Toy Story 2 to isolated mountain tops to capture high-energy scenes of daredevil snowboarding, to the jungles of Vietnam to film the capture of deadly snakes, to suburban neighbourhoods to film the beautiful, tender, and humorous moments between animals and the people who love them. 

As well as being a busy and sought-after Director/DP, Uhry is also an accomplished animal trainer, photographer, artistic sculptor, and licensed airplane and drone pilot. 

Matt Uhry joins a roster at Spears & Arrows that includes Anton Jøsef, Arctic Bleu, Arni Thor Jonsson, Christina Hodnet, Daniel Börjesson, David Hicks, Don Broida, Mick Wong, Nico Caicoya, Olivier Staub, Sasha Levinson, Steve Fuller, Tim Kendall (West & Texas), and specialists Ago Panini, David Stoddart, Like Family, Lisa Linke, Rob Fiocca, and Wondo.