Chromista welcomes director Gavin Bellour to its roster of acclaimed talent. 

In addition to turning out work for Netflix, Vogue, Chevrolet, and Red Bull, the New York-based filmmaker is known for an expert approach to humour and for delivering spot-on performances from celebrities, actors, and non-actors alike. Bellour draws on a diverse background as a writer, editor, agency creative, musician, and performer to inform a highly collaborative process and to get the most out of any platform. His playful style was seen most recently in a collaboration with Tito’s vodka, featuring Martha Stewart poking fun at the timely Dry January.

An honours graduate of the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television, Bellour honed a hands-on style to film craft, with early positions in commercials, film sets, live broadcasts, and post-production. Bellour worked concurrently as an actor, appearing in commercial campaigns, indie films, and television shows. After a fortuitous misunderstanding earned him his first position behind the camera, he cut his teeth, creating branded content for Phillip Lim, Swarovski, Dior, Armani, and Casio, among others.

In 2012, Bellour joined forces with Mustache Agency, a creative content studio based in Brooklyn. As a Partner, Executive Producer, and in-house director, Bellour was integral in scaling capabilities and helping grow the company from a five-person production team into a full-service creative and production solution with over 60 employees. During his tenure, Mustache developed multiple series for television, won awards, and serviced some of the world’s most recognised brands.

Since going freelance in 2020, Bellour’s zeal for storytelling has found the director in various roles as an ideator, executor, and as all-purpose creative “hitman” on projects with Google Creative Works, Aston Martin, Blue Cross, Staples, and Neutrogena. 

“In addition to being hilarious and a joy to work with, Gavin is a force on set and during the creative process. A brilliant writer, creative, and producer, he fully grasps every facet of filmmaking and multi-channel storytelling and consistently elevates every project he touches,” says Adina Birnbaum, EP & Partner at Chromista. “We’re lucky to have him on board.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the Chromista family,” says Bellour. “They bring an unparalleled level of support and an innovative spirit to everything they touch.  It’s an honour to be considered among such a talented and accomplished group of directors. I’m looking forward to creating some amazing things together in the very near future.”