Confectionary brand Cadbury has worked with VCCP, their product & service innovation company, Bernadette, and global content production studio Girl&Bear, to bring the latest iteration of its How do you NOT eat yours campaign to life, through Biscuit Filmworks.

Last year, Cadbury warned the nation not to eat the winning Cadbury Creme Eggs, but some people still couldn’t resist the urge. That is why this year, it is taking things a step further. Along with releasing more nationwide warnings on social and outdoor posters, it is going out locally and will be even more reactive as the valuable eggs are found. 

Using live winner data from activation agency, Promoveritas, targeted reactive warnings on radio, digital out of home, and in retail will inform people exactly where winning eggs have been found in their area - so they can avoid those “unlucky” stores.

Cadbury worked with award-winning director Jeff Low for the second year running to create more great comic performances from the “unlucky winners” who can’t eat their winning eggs. 

This includes two films: ‘Office’, showing a close up of a woman holding an egg before we see in a wider shot that she is sitting at a desk at work staring at it. A colleague standing behind her says “That’s one of those winning eggs you can’t…” She responds “Not now Jean”. They are still in silence before Jean walks away saying “You can’t eat it”. It ends with the tagline “How do you NOT eat yours?”. 

The other campaign film, ‘Truck’, shows a man sitting in his truck who is on the phone. He says “It’s a half and half, that's the winning egg I can’t eat right?” the person on the phone responds, “Yeah you can’t eat that” in a monotone voice. He then presses his horn in frustration before the film ends with the tagline. 

The two new films will also run alongside last year’s successful films ‘Bed’ and ‘Bath’, which contributed to record-breaking sales for Cadbury Creme Egg, and will further demonstrate the disappointment felt by the unlucky winners of half-and-half eggs.