The Velcro Dog

Here I am [above] with my studio manager, Lima, a six-year-old Hungarian Vizsla (aka velcro dog – she never leaves my side). 

We live in an old cottage by the beach in an off-the-beaten-path neighbourhood. 

I am a third-generation Angeleno and don’t think I could ever leave. 

This city is an addiction. 

It always feels like something novel could be on the horizon. 

Despite living here for the majority of my life, I still find myself getting lost in unfamiliar places – and deeply inspired by it all.

The Journals

I craft most of my film ideas by hand. 

My journals are chaotic; disjointed words on every inch of the page. 

Cryptic to an outsider, my seemingly unintelligible ramblings are how I concept a story and experiment bridging together different visual worlds. 

I have formulated entire script outlines for features and commercials in my journal.

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The Great-Grandparents Coffe Table Books

I always have a few coffee table books on hand chronicling my great-grandfather Juan O’Gorman, a Mexican muralist, architect, and revolutionary who designed Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s homes. 

He and my great-grandmother Helen, an expert botanist and painter, were so immersed in their art that they literally lived inside it, constructing their own home out of volcanic lava and mosaics.

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The Garden

I actively try to spend less time in front of my screen to keep the creative juices flowing. 

Moments in my garden ground me. 

The front yard bears a massive Italian Stone Pine tree that has lived over 150 years, overcoming earthquakes and floods – a true testament of inner strength and grit – necessary attributes to live by in the film industry! 

Naturally, my garden is also home to a sculpture of my dog.