The Notebook

Throughout the process of filmmaking, I always have a notebook with me. 

Recently, I directed a YSL commercial in London with Henry Production, which was quite a technical shoot with a lot of camera robot movements. 

I used my notebook as my canvas. I drew angles and wrote down ideas for shots. 

It became a special book for all my creative ideas, inspirations, and experiences. 

It's a space where I can experiment and try new things. 

However, what's inside remains a secret.

The Airpods

Music is a constant source of inspiration for me. 

I grew up in a family where everyone, including me, used to play the piano all the time in our house. 

It became natural and a real necessity for me. 

My AirPods are always by my side. 

It's incredible where music can take you. I can switch from classical music to techno twenty times a day. 

Music plays a crucial role in shaping my vision for my films. 

When working on a project, it is my most powerful aid in beginning the creative process. 

During a film shoot, I also use it to establish the mood. The rhythm, pace, and relationship between footage and music are very important to me. 

The Passport(s)

My passport is more than just a document that allows me to travel the world; it's a physical manifestation of my creative journey. 

As a film director, I constantly seek out new stories, new perspectives, and new experiences, and my passport is a record of those adventures. 

Since this object is really important, I have two! ;)

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The Photo

There is this photo in my wallet, captured in Bangkok when I was shooting a commercial. 

On my way back to the airport, a young Korean girl named Hyeoh looked at me and wanted to chat; she also really wanted to take a picture of us. 

We connected in just 30 minutes. 

It was quite emotional when we had to say goodbye. 

It's a beautiful snapshot of a moment in time, and it always brings a smile to my face. 

It reminds me of what I love about directing – meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and connecting intensely with different individuals. 

It's probably what happened when I met Paola and Elmar, a couple I was eager to capture when I was living in Berlin for Schön magazine.

The Scent

Scents are always very important to me. 

I'm highly sensitive to them and can identify many different scents. 

They tell me a story, and remind me of people or moods, places, and times. 

Scents are an inspiration. 

It's really hard to describe them in words, and even more so in images, but I always try to create sensorial images. 

Perhaps this aesthetic can evoke memories in others.