From the team at argentinacine: "Having an office in Mexico is part of a natural process of growth and, essentially, of the desire to participate in an increasingly creative and powerful market. It is a project that highly motivates us and brings our company even closer to the requirements of clients and agencies that currently work with us in Argentina. Setting foot in Mexico will make the process of working alongside them and, with new clients and agencies, easier and more efficient. 

Local directors will add spice to our original roster of directors, creating a one of a kind family. This synergy and mix of cultures will be essential to preserve argentinacine's identity and will contribute in the creation of local and regional films."

In the picture: César Ahumada (Executive Producer), Nano Tidone (General Producer argentinacine), Augusto Giménez Zapiola (Director). 

"On the other hand, production services for production companies, agencies and clients from around the world will be provided in Mexico City. Thanks to its locations, its cultural traditions and the crews talent , Mexico is a perfect place to host productions from around the world and elevate them by adding a unique style."

César Ahumada is an international executive producer of advertising films with more than 30 years of experience. His work has led him to film in multiple cities in Latin America, consolidating a vast network of contacts throughout the region. He founded La Fábrica Films in Mexico City and Miami, specialising in the U.S. Hispanic market and international production services.