Friend announce that director Alice Kunisué has joined their UK roster.

Kunisué is *deep breath* a director, photographer, illustrator, photographer, painter, animator and art director; and that’s just the beginning. 

Born and raised in Tokyo, via Montreal for a political sciences degree, before eventually settling in Paris where she has been building a clientele of global brands like Google, Hermés, Christian Louboutin and Nike.

Kunisué’s visual style emerged from her artistic experiments with cut-and-paste techniques, loops, illustrations and the rest; all evolving to a multilayered and multidimensional feast for the eyes. This uniquely Alice Kunisué style is matched by her irreverent, natural humour. This silliness and knowing absurdity go hand in hand with her bombastic visual language.

Ailie Robertson, Head of Sales at Friend, says: “I’ve honestly been obsessed with Alice since I first watched her films, but when we finally met it was game over. What resonated with us all so much was Alice’s self-effacing, utterly original and joyful character that just sings through her work, as that’s who she is. Alice is a rare gem of an artist and person, and Friend are honoured to have her on board.”

Kunisué on joining Friend, “Meeting everyone at Friend was like finding a pod of dolphins in the middle of the ocean: magical and exhilarating! I instantly wanted to swim along with them and join their vibrant and playful energy. I’m so happy to embark on this journey together.”