Nothing is said to come between a mother and her baby.

But if a baby is born prematurely, it may be kept apart from its mother until it’s strong enough to survive outside of an incubator.

A heartfelt campaign from Leo Burnett Chicago explores a couple’s separation from their new-born baby using Samsung’s Voices of Life app, which is currently being developed ahead of its release.



Responding to research that premature babies are more likely to develop language and attention deficits, the app attempts to reconnect mothers with their child during their period of separation.

New mums can record their heartbeats and personal messages to their babies to maintain direct contact. The sounds will be muffled when they are played through the incubator via a speaker - so that they resemble the womb and are comforting for the baby.

Voices of Life is expected to strengthen the family bond and improve the development of the premature baby’s brain. And best of all, these messages can be created and sent while on the move – so if the baby remains in the hospital yet the mother has been sent home, they can remain close.


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