If you’ve not got much planned for the weekend, why not help end the ivory trade?  

This weekend, you can get involved and put a stop to the illegal poaching of elephants and rhinos from the comfort of your own home.

To combat the extinction of wild elephants within our lifetime, Kenya – home to the world’s largest stock of ivory – is hosting The Ivory Burn.



Tomorrow, over 100 tonnes of ivory – worth a record $300 billion – will be burned to mark a move towards the end of the ivory trade. And you can watch it online as it's live streamed, thanks to Grey. Mounds of tusks have been prepared ahead of the event, which is supported by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The campaign continues WildAid’s #JoinTheHerd activation, which garnered support among celebrities by super imposing people’s faces with elephants (below).



And to launch the campaign, Africa’s political leaders, philanthropists and conservationists have gathered today at The Giants Club Summit to raise global awareness of the ivory trade and increase the pressure on poachers.

Join the Facebook page to find out how to live-stream the event or follow #KillTheTrade online.

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