Graffiti has always divided the public’s opinion; some love its eclectic use of colour on the abandoned parts of public property, while others complain that it muddies the walls of society.

But now, a new form of graffiti – known as GIF-iti – is due to take over London this weekend thanks in part to British popstar Charlie XCX.

Partnering with Pepsi MAX Cherry and graffiti/GIF artist INSA, Charlie XCX has inspired this form of artwork based on her description of the fizzy drink.

INSA then transforms her descriptions of the taste of Pepsi MAX Cherry - “roaring through icy glaciers with pink cherry lips and glittery diamond eyes” - into GIFs, such as the visualized  painting at top.


Below, INSA shares a glimpse of how the project came together.


INSA has created a total of 72 paintings, each measuring 13 feet tall, based on Charlie XCX’s descriptions and other online participants.

Using 90 cameras to capture his multi layered paintings, the work is then able to come to life digitally and transform into multi-sensory animations.

“I love creating art that is challenging,” says INSA, who has partnered previously with Pepsi. “I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing concepts, creating artwork that really kicks things up a notch from your conventional piece of graffiti, but this was the next level!.”

The full project will be available for the public to visit this Saturday for free at London’s Old Truman Brewery.

Look out for a shots exclusive interview with INSA later this week.

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