Do you love a challenge and love to travel? How well would you fare if you were dared to never visit the same place twice?

LA-based vlogger/Vine star Jon Paul Piques tested the new campaign from Perfect Fools Stockholm for WYBOROWA vodka, via its Wybo Pathbreaker app.

Just like hit 90s Nokia game, Snake, players can’t go back on themselves otherwise they’ll experience Game Over and lose out on the chance of winning a trip for three to Las Vegas.

Rather than fall victim to routine, the competition encourages participants to get creative in their day-to-day lives and look for possible adventure-filled activities.

Piques explores the possibilities of this ‘Why Not?’ approach (below), reaching an outstanding three days without crossing back on himself.



His success comes down to the app, which stores and tracks existing routes, making it easier to avoid a path that he's already taken.    

Unfortunately, for Piques, he misses out on the trip after his baseball cap flies off his head and he has to retrace his steps to retrieve it.

“Wyborowa wanted a way to engage people and build meaningful connections,” says Perfect Fools’ creative, Philip Arvidson. “Pathbreaker brings to life it’s ‘dare to explore’ attitude and Jon Paul Piques is the perfect fit to combine the physical and digital elements of the campaign.”

So if you like a party and love exploring, read the rules and download the app here. The competition will run until the end of May.

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