What could be better than sitting down to your favourite meal with a perfectly accompanying beer…? Hmm… absolutely nothing.

With this idea in mind, Telegraph Hill has created the There’s A Beer For That campaign – which delivers Londoners’ favourite dishes and picks out which beer would best match it.



The campaign attempts to redefine casual drinking by educating irregular beer drinkers about the diversity and quality of beer and encouraging greater appreciate for beer with a meal.

“I’m confident [the campaign] will stand out and grab the attention of both foodies and a broader audience who aren’t yet aware of the versatility of beer with food,” says digital campaign leader Louise Doherty. “The campaign will help spread the message that great food can be paired with great beer and really enhance both."

Running until next week Wednesday, Londoners picked at random will be in with a chance to have their fave meal delivered to their door – complete with the perfect beer.



Last week TV presenter George Lamb kicked-started the campaign (above), coinciding with the launch of the London Beer City festival, and surprised social media users by personally delivering the food-and-beer goodie bags.

The nine-day festival runs in conjunction with the campaign and launched last Friday. For more information about the festival, finding out the event schedule and getting tickets, visit the website.

To get involved with the campaign, social media users should tweet their favourite food to @BeerForThat or @LondonBeerCity and use #BeerMatch to find out which beer would best suit their dish.

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