Zukunft AI is Zukunft's latest venture, designed to tap into a new world of content creation. 

Zukunft have partnered with leading AI artists worldwide to provide their clients with cutting-edge production tools, enabling them to delve into the realm of AI-driven creativity.

Zukunft's AI collaborators include Leilanni Todd, Tom Furse, Sam Finn, Nik Gundersen, Daria Presnova and more.

“We at digital arts studios Builders Club started our new creative studio focussed on film and photography Zukunft almost a year ago. Ever since we have built a network with the best film directors and photographers. More recently, AI is becoming a very attractive tool for those creatives to generate fresh and exciting outputs.” said Julien Simshauser, co-founder, creative director.

“We’re really excited to be working with all of our AI collaborators. Each of them contribute a different visual aesthetic, and at the same time meet the high level of work produced by ZUKUNFT’s live action directors and photographers.” adds Gaby Mawson, PR & Social Media Manager.