Last week Stink realised they were in a pretty unique position – 9 global offices means that they have directors, staff and creatives positioned all over the world. 

This sparked the idea of asking all these people to present some kind of creative offering, showing their situation and perspective. And so #view_finder was born.

The brief is super simple – make a film about yourself and the place you are in – using any and all facilities you have to hand. Be thrifty, be playful. In a time where a lot of things are limited, creativity has no bounds. We wanted to get to the core of concepts, to explore what is possible without huge production budgets. We also wanted to present a map of the world through crafted, artistic responses.

Above: Self portraits from director Andrew Thomas Huang.

It’s been a really exciting and rewarding process thus far, just seeing the situation in Shanghai compared to Italy - a big part of the virus has been different countries in ‘different stages’. So much talk has been about how we are 2 weeks behind so and so, or two weeks in front of wherever else. This project was designed to unite us all in the present, whilst also showing the variation which does exist over the world.

Stink have been overwhelmed with the responses - from poems, through photography to film.And tonally we’ve had toilet jokes, heartfelt love letters, frustration, despair and hope. We have bigger productions in Moscow (who are still shooting!) personal insights into director’s homes and process, and some inanimate objects come to life in Japan – all and every views.

The project launched on the 31st March 2020 and Stink will keep it running as long as people want to keep submitting!