Roman Veiga is a writer-director who likes to mix techniques such as stop-motion, 3D animation, and live action.

Veiga's passion for comics and current affairs has led him to delve into the world of fantastical concepts, with a thematic focus on realistic issues. Identity, metamorphosis, and monstrosity at the heart of his artistic reflections.

Today, his style, a crossroads of different visual techniques, is expressed through collaborations with musicians, helping to shape and design their visual identity, or in engaging advertising films.

Since his first film, which was selected, and won prizes at a number of major festivals (Clermont Ferrand, Short Shorts Tokyo, Houston Cinema Arts Festival, Asifa-East Animation Festival, etc.), Veiga has alternated between personal and commissioned work, always with the same ambition of combining visual exploration with unexpected, funny and poetic stories.

Troublemakers are delighted to welcome Roman to the team.