A highly skilled visual effects artist, Thiago Porto has rejoined The Mill, bringing his exceptional talent and expertise in AI-driven creativity back to the renowned studio. With a remarkable track record in the industry, Porto's work has garnered widespread acclaim, establishing him as a standout in the field.

One of Porto's notable achievements includes his viral Volkswagen project, Reunion, which captivated audiences by reuniting a daughter with her late mother through the power of visual effects and AI-driven storytelling. This project showcased Porto's mastery in seamlessly integrating technology with emotional compelling narratives.

Renowned for his ability to flawlessly de-age and age actors, Porto's contributions to projects like The Mill's Messi ad and the Bank Pan campaign have highlighted his exceptional talent. Collaborations with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Donald Glover have solidified his reputation as an innovative visionary.

In addition to his collaborations in the entertainment industry, Porto has also worked on notable projects such as Exorcist, where he played a pivotal role in bringing back Ellen Burnstyn's character from the past. His expertise in facial manipulation and visual effects ensured a seamless integration of timelines within the film.

Porto's exceptional talent shines in his work on the TV series History of the World Part 2. Through the seamless integration of AI-generated faces onto bodybuilder body doubles, he rejuvenated the appearance of the legendary Mel Brooks in flashback scenes, showcasing his technical finesse and artistic vision.

Excited to embark on this next chapter of his career at The Mill, Porto is set to make a significant impact. With his unique blend of technical skills and artistic vision, he will continue to push the boundaries of AI-driven creativity, shaping the future of visual effects.

"Seamless integration is just the beginning. It's about collaborating with AI models, working together like a trusted companion. This partnership allows artists to push boundaries and bring clients' ideas to life. It's not just about running models; it's about bridging the gap between artists and AI. Having an AI partner sets us apart from those who merely execute models. It all starts with leadership, and I've been embracing this approach in recent projects, constantly pushing for more." said Thiago Porto.

"Thiago Porto's return further emphasizes the Mill's dedication to investment in creative technology. Embracing how technology is changing the way we create content having artists like Thiago is imperative to our future. The Mill will always lean on the creative aesthetic, but Thiago also embraces the way technology can further enhance the creative output."adds Angela Lupo, Managing Director NY.