The Quarry announce that editor Joel Miller is joining its eclectic roster.

Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, Joel Miller is a bona-fide master of the craft of editing. In the past Miller worked extensively with acclaimed directors Mark Denton, Daniel Barber and Rocky Morton. In 2007 Miller found himself moving over to America, where he built up a body of work that included huge commercials for brands such as NFL, BMW, Halls, HBO, and much more. Miller’s work for Popeyes’ viral film about the infamous chicken wars was awarded a Cannes Lion in 2019.

“In the inevitable words of Bill Hicks, life is just a ride and the past year has been a rollercoaster. I’ve never been one to plan too far ahead,” says Miller, who has decided to move back to the UK to be closer to his family.

Partner and Editor at The Quarry, Ben Campbell used to work with Miller at Cut+Run and is elated to have him back in the UK “Father Time also moves in mysterious ways. How great to have a true OG here at The Quarry in London. Mr Miller is back from his many successes in NYC and Austin to furnish us with his immense talents. We are privileged to have another master in our midst.”

As well as an editor, Miller is a dog-lover, motorcycle enthusiast, car admirer, Lego master builder, graphic novel collector, and when he needs to be, temporary voice over-er. 

To cap off his thoughts on joining The Quarry, Miller says “I have nothing, but the greatest of thanks to The Quarry for making my transition back to the UK a lot easier, and I’m extremely excited about catching up with old friends and colleagues that I worked with before moving to the US.”

Miller is based in the UK, but is available for work worldwide. Miller is represented by The Quarry in the UK, and Cut+Run in the US.