Yes it’s true there is life out in the darkest corner of the galaxy and it has one single purpose: to craft hilarious commercials and engaging films for all the world to see. 

Directing duo Martians have joined The Visionaries ever expanding roster of talented filmmakers, with them they bring a body of work full of joy and passion.

Since visiting our little blue planet the crafty devils have managed to beam up some shiny Cannes Lions, D&Ad’s and One Shows. One day they hope to return back to their own world to boast and gloat endlessly at dinner parties and intergalactic networking events.

Filmmaking must be big on their home planet because the duo seriously know how to make films with immaculate production design, top-notch editing and with great comedic performances that jump out of the screen, we just hope they didn’t abduct any of the actors to harvest their brains… 

(Translated from Martian language using an AI translator) “Greetings earthlings, we come in peace! We’re beyond thrilled that The Visionaries spotted us on their telescope and offered us a mothership parking spot in their roster. Like most Martians, we need stories to survive, and the planet Earth is a place full of them. We cannot wait to get out there, meet creative humans and abduct stories with our camera. If anyone out there has a story and wants to bring it to life, aim for the stars. We’re there for you, because… well, we’re from there.”

Stay tuned for some out of this world work and for the love of God please don’t grass us up to the Men in Black.