Carved from the endlessly turning wheel of South American creativity You Are Here have unearthed another undeniable talent.

Supernova, the global collective of creators, whose work deftly treads the line between sport, fashion and lifestyle, strives to challenge conventional styles of film making; creating visceral, iconoclastic visual worlds.

Underlying their work is a distinct, tangible sense of cool. Their films are permeated by a natural feel for the youth and street cultures which blaze the trail toward innovation, creativity and social change.

Their style is at once high-octane and romantic, interweaving cinematic story telling with mixed media elements and expert direction of photography to a singular effect.

Brand new to the London Market, they bring a rich vein of work for global brands such as Converse, Levi’s, Nike & Adidas to name but a few, and brands looking to capture a subcultural edge will surely take note.

Combining their skills of Direction, Cinematography, Writing and Photography they create breathless, eye-opening films that smash through the veneer of mundanity and challenge their viewers to do more; to be more. 

Deeply passionate about the worlds of art, cinema, photography, fashion and music, they immerse themselves in these mediums every day, ceaselessly nourishing their vision and giving their films a singularly poetic, radical and arresting identity. 

Supernova are the latest in string of high-quality additions to You Are Here’s impressive roster, and with the right eyes on their work, they are bound to burn very brightly indeed.