Jerk Store, the award-winning directing team of Ben Weinberg and Pat Andrews, has signed with production company Superlative.

The duo has been busy directing humorous spots for such iconic brands as Pizza Hut, Expedia, Orbitz, Taco Bell and Subway. The announcement was made by Superlative Managing Director David Kwan, EP Pia Clemente and Creative Manager Stefan Dezil.

According to Dezil, what enthralled the team at Superlative was the timeless feel to Jerk Store’s comedy. “Their work is based on the absurdity of everyday life, with a perfect balance of genuine humour and memorable set pieces,” he says. Further conversations with the duo established common ground for representation. Adds Kwan, “Applying comedy to noteworthy food and beverage campaigns, Jerk Store has developed a knack for building brands.” Prior to directing, both worked on spots as creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB and JWT.

For their part, Weinberg and Andrews have seen various approaches to humour come and go, as they moved over from the creative to the production side. “We watched comedy get quirkier and quirkier,” says Weinberg. “Sometimes the product gets lost. Jerk Store is weird, but never too weird. We find the funny moment, the kernel. Maybe an awkward moment but always situations common to daily life. Sometime we might even offer up a hint of insight. Our big advantage is that having been creatives ourselves we can sympathise with everything that goes into the process.”

The duo pointed to their recently completed short film titled, Get Happy, to highlight their comedic chops. In the “less than four-minute film,” a stoic man comes to life, courtesy of a playful, smiley-faced bag floating through the park. The man is seen dancing throughout the gardens, following the white plastic sack, until a maniacal twist occurs. Get Happy was featured at the Austin Comedy Film Festival and Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival.