Studio RM welcomes three new Flame Artists to Premium Finishing Team.

Studio RM introduce three exceptionally talented flame artists who have joined their finishing and VFX department. At Studio RM, they specialise in creating sophisticated and beautiful visuals for fashion, music, and premium advertising, and their new artists, Rich Barns, Miriam Oladejo and Kofee Coley will strengthen the department’s capabilities. 

Based in the London studio, they will also support their clients across New York and the newly opened Paris studio.

Senior flame artist Rich Barns, brings over eight years of experience working at ETC, Smoke and Mirrors and Jam VFX. Flame artist Miriam Oladejo joins from No.8 and Kofee Coley, transitioning from a year as a photographic retoucher, adds valuable support as a flame assistant.

Already, the team has contributed to beautiful campaigns such as Michael Kors’ Haute Pursuit, Gucci’s Fine Jewelry, and Troy Sivan’s new music promo One of Your Girls.