With the launch this week of creative content studio Slash Dynamic Automotive, founder and managing director Tanya Cohen has added her name to the roster of talented women making an impact in the automotive marketing space.  

Cohen, who founded parent company Slash Dynamic in 2018, felt the time was right for a studio that’s hyper-focused on automotive. “With there being more media channels than ever and more content being produced, I knew we had a unique opportunity as experts in the category,” she said. “It’s such a specialty and you really have to know the business and the vehicles inside and out to create meaningful content. You can’t just point a camera at a car and drive.” Cohen explained. 

To that end, she’s created the new business unit to serve OEMs, agencies and media companies that have automotive clients. To a roster that already included award-winning automotive film directors such as Konrad Begg (Top Gear) and Deluxe, she added automotive creative directors Dave Hedeman and Steve Rice. Formerly, the pair led brand and retail creative together on Nissan USA for 15 years, at both TBWA\Chiat-Day NY and Zimmerman. 

“Creating a studio where creative directors work together with film directors and producers from the starting line gives us a powerful advantage,” Cohen said. “We all know, live and love automotive. Our team thinks like automotive CMOs, internal marketing and PR teams and agency teams, so they can integrate seamlessly into any project and work alongside them,” she said. It creates a much shorter learning curve, higher efficiency and brand-level creative output. 

Slash Dynamic Automotive has the capability to go from ideation through production and post production under one roof. The company will create branded, marketing and PR content. “We can also scale from barebones to multi-day, multi-unit productions across the globe, while maintaining the highest levels of production value” Cohen said. “It’s that kind of flexibility that we know is vitally important to global auto brands with budgets and locations that vary widely from project-to-project,” she remarked. 

In addition to being able to satisfy the immediate needs of automakers and auto-elated brands, the Slash team is heavily focused on creating storytelling and experiences that speak to the future landscape of the auto industry on the whole.

It’s a future, Cohen said, of “EV’s, self-driving vehicles, drones, electric bikes, scooters and other vehicles that will be capturing data and this data will be used to tell stories. In-cabin entertainment will be important, and creating immersive experiences for consumers to engage with their vehicles.”  

Cohen said she’s looking forward to a future without limits for Slash Dynamic Automotive. “It’s exciting to be following in the footsteps of some very talented female automotive CMOs and marketing directors who I respect and admire,” Cohen said. 

“They’re helping re-shape the industry and have paved the way for us to create a space where we can do amazing work for auto brands of every size.” 

Slash Dynamic is a WBENC Certified, 100% female-owned company.