With the industry roaring back into the south of France for the 70th Cannes Lions festival, it's was only right and proper that shots took over Thursday night for an evening celebration of what the event is all about - creative types half-cut on rosé losing their shit to Tina Turner...

If you need a lift from your post-Cannes blues, or just need evidence that you were, in fact, there, then we can help you with a smattering of snaps from the shindig:

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Taking its inspiration from our now-annual comic - this time a cheeky homage to the adventures of Dorothy and co in The Wonderful Wizard of the CrOiZette from Chris Baker and Joe Totti - and with returning DJ Raven decked out in full Elphaba garb, the dancefloor rocked as hard as the Munchkin Village when they ding-donged a death.

Our thanks go out to everyone who turned up last week and made the event what it was, it was a pleasure to see you all there. And, of course, the party couldn't have happened without our friends and sponsors at Milk & Honey Productions, D0C70R 7R0Y, Extreme Reach, PSN, VGBND, LANDIA, and Felt Music

We'll see you next year!