Shauna Seresin and Mary Knox of Minerva (the name appropriately refers to the Roman goddess of wisdom and victory!) have begun to represent SEED Media Arts in the Northeast US Market.

Roy Skillicorn, the founder of SEED, could not be more pleased, for he has known and respected Knox throughout his many years in the business. Both are successful veterans, and both have always hoped to work with each other. Skillicorn sees the juxtaposition of their two companies being extremely similar and positive.

“Shauna Seresin, Mary’s partner, brings fresh energy and modern insights to the table that further complement the relationship I have with my partner, EP and Managing Director, Bradley Johnson, who likewise offers the same flair within SEED.”

"We have been watching SEED for a while and are impressed by their ambition and the recent growth" said Seresin. "They have a captivating roster with an agile business model, which we believe is the key to their continuing success.”

According to Johnson, “Minerva brings a wealth of experience and understanding to the growth we’re looking to further ignite this year. Our new brand identity has had an exciting trajectory over the past 18 months, and we’re just getting started. The entire SEED team is thrilled to have Shauna and Mary highlighting our creative capabilities to new partnerships.”