The production arm of Optimus, One, has announced the signing of director Luke Jaden

Based in Detroit, Jaden has written and directed several films and documentaries, including BOO!, which starred Jaden Piner from Moonlight, and My Pretty Pony, based on a short story by Stephen King and featuring Tobin Bell from Saw, and Noah Jupe from A Quiet Place and Honey Boy.

"We're excited to welcome Luke to the ONE team," says Dave Buehrle, ONE's EP/Head of Production. "He came to us as a friend of Optimus Post, which has collaborated with Luke on many films and music videos. When he shared his commercial work with us, we realised the value his talent could add to brands and agencies. We're thrilled to introduce Luke to a wider audience through his partnership with ONE. His work in lifestyle and automotive categories is naturally compelling and beautiful. With Luke, the possibilities are endless."

In addition to BOO!, which was co-produced with Automatik and Voltage Pictures, Jaden has directed several short films, including Wolf Who Cried Boy, King Ripple, Exhaust, and The Listing. He has also directed commercials for clients such as Ford, Carhartt, Heroic Hearts Project, and Library Street Collective

"I always enjoyed collaborating with the Optimus post-production team, and now ONE feels like family," says Jaden. "They are not only some of the best in the business but also great people, which is crucial to me. I am excited to work with people who will set the bar as high as it can go, and I look forward to taking bold risks with the projects we pursue. With ONE, I can create innovative work that is singular, sophisticated, and emotional."

Jaden is originally from Detroit and enjoys hiking in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with his wife. He loves listening to techno, writing poetry, and discussing introspection, philosophy, and existentialism. In his spare time, he is working on becoming a DJ and ceramist. He also enjoys watching trash TV and dreams of living on a farm in Montana.

"When I first met Luke, his energy and positive vibe drew me in so quickly that I knew I wanted to represent him within five minutes of our introduction," says Tim Jacobs, National Director of Sales at ONE. "His work evokes instant emotion and is beautiful as well. I'm excited to be part of Luke's commercial directing career, which is sure to have a steep and swift trajectory."

"It's an honour to be part of ONE, especially with Tim and Dave at the reins," adds Jaden. "I fully trust their vision and pioneering attitude. I know we're going to make some special work."