Odelay Films roster has been bolstered once again with the arrival of directing duo Lavender and Ravenscroft.

Kaia Lavender and Gary Ravenscroft began working together after collaborating on several films for active footwear brand, Merrell. Before joining forces both enjoyed successful careers. However, it has been through their combined vision that they have engaged with a broader sweep of clients and brands. 

The duo have the ability to capture the natural world with sensitivity in often adverse conditions and terrains. This coupled with their ‘hands on’ approach to sourcing cast and locations, and their ability to build rapport on set has made them popular with many fashion, car and lifestyle brands. 

Both Directors are multi award winning in their own right and since joining forces have been recognised with further accolades. Lavender’s career began in her native South Africa, while Ravenscroft was raised in Australia. Later both settled in the US and Odelay are excited that they are the first production company to represent the duo in the UK. 

Lavender established herself by producing and directing independent films, TV interactive/transmedia projects and commercials, and her family’s love of cars has clearly influenced her work as she has since become well known for her spots in the automobile sector. This experience has pushed her to prominence as a sought after female director in the field. 

Ravenscroft’s trademark unflinching style, innovative visuals and compelling performances is evident throughout his portfolio, which ranges from music videos and documentaries to TV commercials and feature films. These have won him multiple awards, including 11 American Advertising Federation Awards, an Australian Film Institute nomination, and 8 Awards from the Australian Cinematographers Society. 

Brand clients include Merrell, Chanel, Ram Trucks, Mac, Ford, Wrangler, Hyundai, Yamaha Motorcycles, Wix, Microsoft, Target, PepsiCo/Mountain Dew, Skullcandy, Vans, DC Shoes, Cisco, Axe, and Scion. As well as campaigns for ESPN, NBC, Discovery, BET, and GAC networks.

Of their arrival, MD of Odelay Films Prudence Beecroft shares: “Lavender & Ravenscroft offer something totally different to what we have on the roster already; fusing their documentary lens with an incredible thirst for the outdoors; they create work that is simply awe-inspiring and full of attitude. To create work of this premium standard they have had to embrace challenging shooting conditions; from remote locations in adverse weather conditions across multiple terrains to working with unpredictable animals. I love the way they manage to capture niche communities and the natural environment while still delivering something that feels so well orchestrated, stylised and cinematic. From our early conversations they shared the way they build rapport on set and have a ‘hands on’ approach to finding cast and locations. This sensitivity to detail and connection is clear in their work and we are excited to team them up with brands with similar values here in the UK”. 

Of their work Lavender and Ravenscroft comment: "As directors, we're always aware of the human story being woven into the identity of the brand. We love action, we love adventuring and capturing the spirit of nature and the spontaneity of people. We strive to draw the audience into the power of the moment through an authenticity of emotion and a signature of cinematic visuals'' Odelay Films is delighted to be representing the duo and introducing them to the UK market. Their combined vision makes them an exciting addition to the roster.