Fresh off the back of winning two Grand Prixs (in Entertainment Lions and Entertainment Lions for Gaming) at Cannes Lions 2023, Finnish Director Nalle Sjöblad has made Outsider his official production home for representation in the UK and Amsterdam.

His work combines striking art direction, surreal humour and characters, creative storytelling, and an exceptional attention to detail that elevates his films and gives each one a truly unique identity. 

Perhaps the best way to describe Sjöblad is in his own words… “I'm a film director who likes to tell funny stories. Sometimes I enjoy telling sad stories, if they have a bit of humour to them. I think laughing at one's own (passing) misery is the pinnacle of human experience. This is how I see life.”

It must be how others see life too because, alongside his newest trophies, Sjöblad’s other commercials and short films have won him countless awards and accolades, including a D&AD Wooden Pencil, an LIA Gold, ‘Best of the year’ at Vimeo Staff Picks, and many others. 

On welcoming Sjöblad to Outsider Managing Partner and Executive Producer Simon Eborne said “Laughing out loud uncontrollably when you watch something is always a pretty solid measure of comedic prowess, and that happens every time I watch Nalle’s films. It also happens when I speak to him. He thinks about comedy profoundly and intellectually. He is a uniquely brilliant human and we’re so excited to support his mission to help everyone laugh more."