February has been busy for Kode Media, following the signing of directors Meena Ayittey and Emily Freda Sharp, they end the month with the news that the award-winning director Marek Partyš is joining their roster. 

Renowned for his ability to capture two opposing filmic disciplines; the first being absurd humour, colourful art direction and joyful characters. The second, a more serious and cinematic approach where he creates strong emotional stories and sensitively captures human nature. Partyš' love for film was sparked through Lego. With no interest in instruction manuals, he utilised the building blocks through his own imagination to create his own heroes and worlds. Just a year after Partyš jumped into the world of advertising, he won Bronze Cannes Lion and a Gold at YDA in 2018 for his work Jágrláma shot in the Himalayas mountain. 

Since then, he has added awards from the D&AD, Clio, Epica award and Golden drum festivals to his collection. Marek has also achieved a prestigious award at the Ciclope Festival, where he won the gold for directing in 2020. Over the 6 years he has been in the industry, he's collaborated with brands such as Ikea, Telekom, Zalando and McDonald's.

Jack Goodwin, EP, Kode said “Marek’s work is incredibly relevant, his positive energy is totally infectious and his ability to span many genres meaning his ads that are eye catching and eye watering in equal parts. It’s for these reasons, and many more, that I’m excited to be welcoming him to Kode. 

I’m truly inspired by human emotion and the extent of the complexity of our beings. I try to make films that evoke a strong emotional response, be that joy, sadness or anything in between” said Marek Partyš. 

“I’m looking forward to doing this with the team at Kode. The quality of their output and their attitude to production, has made them one of the major players in the UK market. And I'm happy to be a part of the family. Not to mention that on the very first call together I felt like I'd known the Kode people for a long time. And this friendly atmosphere was another of the important aspects of why I decided to join.”